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The Sith & World Peace…

It all started with a simple gift… Rather sweet and seems innocuous enough don’t you think? After all those two are words that rather resonate with me. Furthermore these stones have the word in English on one side and Gaelic … Continue reading

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Weekend Wanderings (again…)

Today was a lovely day, not too warm which I am sure all the runners in the Malta Marathon was grateful for! Well done to all of you who took part!!! I had a much more leisurely day than that, … Continue reading

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This is not a recipe…

It’s more of a suggestion really… Just think about it: Strawberries Greek yogurt (plain) Shortbread (Scottish of course 😉 ) source source source Trust me this combination is super yummy! Such an easy dessert and a lovely combination of textures … Continue reading

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I thought this was beautiful…

Sometimes you read or hear something that is just so profoundly beautiful that you have to fight back the tears if you are in public or just let them fall if you are not… I had one of those moments … Continue reading

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Take a book and pass it on…

I love reading books, ever since I learned to read it has been one of my favourite pastimes. Actually it might have started even earlier as there is a family story going around about me sitting on my precious (red) … Continue reading

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Songs you (probably) shouldn’t sing in public…

Now I have a tendency to sing along when I listen to music, yes I know it probably sounds horrible (especially when wearing earphones…), but it makes me happy! However I do try to limit it in public spaces, you … Continue reading

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Two-bean stew & variations on a theme…

I have several go-to quick and easy dinners, that sort of all follow the same general pattern, but can be changed depending on what I have in the house. This is how I made this dish yesterday, I will share … Continue reading

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