People should smile more…

It is rather too late for New Years resolutions, and I was never one for them anyways. However at the beginning of the year I had one or two lines from a song stuck in my head, not just for a little while as normally happens but again and again over the course of several days…

After a little while you start to think that maybe, just maybe, your subconscious is trying to tell you something. In this particular instance the phrase that kept coming back was a line from a (beautiful) Newton Faulkner song: “It’s just an observation I can’t ignore, that people should smile more”

That got me thinking, I do sometimes forget to smile. It is not necessarily that I am unhappy or anything like that, just that the in the general motions of getting through the day smiling just seems to be one of those things that’s left out. More’s the pity!


Because when I smile, even for no particular reason, I get this happy feeling in my  stomach and I relax and quite often I feel like laughing. More often than not problems seem a whole lot smaller too… So why oh why don’t I do it more often?

That’s the rub isn’t it? I have absolutely no idea, but I am determined to do something about it! Smiling always makes me feel better, even if I’m having a really bad day. So my aim for this year (actually not just this year, always!) is to smile more! Sometimes I might be faking it till I make it, but hey in this case I think that’s OK!

it's the little things and the joy they bring life's little pleasures

Now do yourself a favour and listen to this great song, actually check out Newton Faulkner’s entire back catalog there are so many gems in there! A particular favourite of mine is I’m Not Giving Up Yet from Rebuilt by Humans, but more about that some other time… Now enjoy this video, I especially love the ending it is really funny, makes me SMILE!


About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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One Response to People should smile more…

  1. cocoth says:

    Hey Mari, I know it’s been a while – my new provider seems blocking all the unknown emails to coming into my mail box and stuff…. anyways, what you wrote is what I am everyday (well at least when I’m at work) thinking about and living with. Smile more. Can’t agree more!!!
    My job needs all day long smile. It’s sometime hard if I’m having a hard day and want to cry. But buuuut, the more I smile, it’s quicker my pain inside disappear. That’s what I learned through this low pay but more rewarding job of mine. 🙂 SMILE is the key indeed.

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