Take a book and pass it on…

I love reading books, ever since I learned to read it has been one of my favourite pastimes. Actually it might have started even earlier as there is a family story going around about me sitting on my precious (red) chair “reading” out loud from my most treasured book… Yeah I am a first born, can you tell? Ever since I can remember one of my parents would read out loud to us before we went to bed, thus instilling a love of books and stories from an early age. This is something I am truly grateful for as it has given me so much joy since.

Books are one of the things I never feel guilty about buying, thus I have amassed rather a lot of books. (understatement of the year award…) However as I am currently living on Malta, and don’t really expect to stay here for all that long (long is relative) I am trying not to amass too much stuff. Unfortunately books definitely fall under stuff, no type of books more so than my beloved cooking books, so I have to limit the amount of books I buy or find a way to declutter…

That is where the great dance of books comes in! I think it really started with me being really broke  before my dad’s birthday one year, so I asked nicely if he would mind getting some books that I had already read that I thought he would enjoy… Luckily for me he said yes, since then I have gotten several already read books in return too. I love it, not only does it give me a way of still being able to buy books, it also adds the charm of trying to think of who might enjoy this book as much as I did and passing it on. (It also keeps the postal service busy…) In return I have gotten several books that I probably would not have bought myself, but that it turned out that I really enjoyed.


This stack is what I currently have to find a good home for and/or read… Only the Rick Riordan book is in the read only category as it is not mine, the rest needs to be either sent off somewhere or read and then sent off. I am always looking for new people to send books so if you want to join in drop me a line! It helps if you also mention a couple of books you love so that I know what sort of book you might like. My all time favourite book is the Lord of the Rings no competition really, but I read pretty much anything. Apart from thrillers that is, mainly because I like sleeping…

The last book I read and passed on was Marisha Pessl’s Special Topics in Calamity Physics


This book was epic, probably the most geeky book I have ever read (and that’s saying a lot), needless to say I absolutely loved it! It was a Christmas gift from my aunt, and when I got it I warned her that if I liked it she would get it back, she did… If you like embracing your inner geek and have a mind prone to go off on random tangents this is the book for you, as I am heavily into both those things it was a perfect fit.

Whilst I do try to pass on most books that I buy or get my hands on somehow, I will admit to not being totally ruthless… I am quite happy to reread books as it is, and sometimes there are books that just grows with each reading or that are so inspiring that they just have to stay put. The two books in the picture below are cases in point, I bought them on Malta and they are coming with me wherever I go next!


Oh and in case you wondered… The “cookies” in the picture is a only slightly modified version of Ashley from (never home)maker‘s Banana Walnut Muffin Tops, totally delicious! The only thing I changed was using almonds instead of walnuts, because they were the only nuts I had to hand. Worked swimmingly!


About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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4 Responses to Take a book and pass it on…

  1. Ellen M. says:

    Tante var ikke helt inneforstått med hva “geeky” betydde, prøvde å gi en ikke helt fyllestgjørende forklaring. Har gjort samme tante oppmerksom på bloggen din. Og mamma trives godt med å følge med på den!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love reading too! I love embracing my inner nerd (and singing OUT LOUD) I’ll have to see if I can find that book!

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