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One Hit Wonder Wednesday!

Hey! Guess what this week’s one hit wonder is also from the 90s… What a surprise eh? I totally remember hearing this song on the radio, way too many times. To be honest at the time I was totally sick … Continue reading

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The quest for silence…

I might have been a weird child that read too many books… (Actually scrap that, it is impossible to read too much!) However reading and what I read has lead to some interesting side effects, for instance one of the … Continue reading

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Triple Ginger & Orange Muffins (vegan)

These muffins came about as I was trying to come up with more ways to use sushi ginger, you know that lovely pickled stuff that comes with the sushi. For me it almost eclipse the sushi in deliciousness, well almost … Continue reading

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Weekend Wanderings… (and a short update on vegan beanmash)

This weekend was rather low key, the first one so far this year when the weather is really starting to feel summery. Which lead to me feeling a little more lazy than usual, OK so I did run just over … Continue reading

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Busta Rhymes and Broccoli!

This particular creation or creations started up as a compromise. I am rather fond of broccoli, so is my boyfriend, only I like it cooked he likes it raw… I basically had to find a way that we both could … Continue reading

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One hit Wonder Wedn… oh wait… bother…

Yeah I’ve got the days a little mixed up this week, in my head today is firmly down as Wednesday. Now this is not all bad as we are one day closer to the weekend than I think, however it … Continue reading

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Book review: Let me sing you gentle songs, Linda Olsson

source It is no secret that I love reading… Most days finding me with my head in a book at some point during the day is a given, even if it is just for a few minutes before sleep. I … Continue reading

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