Hasselback Sweet Potatoes & more…

So I read this post by Evan over at The Wannabe Chef yesterday…. Which reminded me that I had not made Hasselback potatoes in a long time, actually I think I’ve only ever made it once. I am not sure why because it is not only really tasty they are also ridiculously easy to make. If you don’t mind some chopping and I don’t. (Actually that is not completely true, I hate chopping with a passion if I have a bad knife, but that is more down to the knife rather than the chopping)

Anyhow I just wasn’t feeling the potatoes yesterday, and well I was also pretty sure I didn’t have any potatoes at hand. (A weighty argument for sure 😉 ) However I was pretty sure I had some sweet potatoes, that got me thinking surely you can make sweet potatoes this way… Right?

Turns out… Yes you can!

How about carrots? Don’t mind if I do!

Or parsnips? Yes please!

Here’s how to do it:

I basically followed Evan’s directions pretty closely when it came to over heat etc, so start with turning on your oven to 180 degrees (that is approx 350 Fahrenheit).

What you need:

1 sweet potato (or carrot or parsnip or potato or what ever else can be thinly sliced and floats you boat)
olive oil (about a teaspoon, enough to cover whatever you are slicing)
sea salt

Then grab your sweet potato and start slicing it into thin slices, making sure you only cut about 90% through the potato. Here I remembered a trick from a Nigella Lawson book (which incidentally is where I found the recipe the last time I made these, can’t remember which book though…), her recipe was for Hasselback new potatoes. Her tip was that to make sure you did not cut through the potato, put it in a wooden spoon so that the edge of the spoon stops the knife before you can cut all the way through. With my frankly enormous, sweet potato this was not quite going to cut it (ha ha fun pun…). However I used the idea and placed a wooden spoon on each side for the same effect and it worked wonderfully. (Your wooden spoon might end up looking a little bit like the handle of a big wild west killer, but at least your sweet potato will be all in one piece)


Instead of reaching for the butter before putting it in the oven I massaged the sweet potato in olive oil, this was due to a combination of laziness and some idea that olive oil might work better with sweet potatoes. (I would totally reach for the butter if it was normal potatoes, even if this involved walking five extra steps) I repeated the same steps for the other vegetables, i.e. the carrot and the parsnips. However here you might want to make sure that as the vegetable gets narrower the slices get thicker so that they cook evenly. Sprinkle sea salt on the veg and roast in the oven for about an hour, it’s as easy as that!

Sweet sweet sweet potato! I want to try this with coconut oil instead of olive oil as I’ve heard it is lovely with sweet potatoes.

This was surprisingly lovely!

I think this was my favourite actually, do do try this!!!


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2 Responses to Hasselback Sweet Potatoes & more…

  1. abbyrex2323 says:

    This looks great. I do sweet potatoes cooked with coconut oil for my husband and little boys all of the time, but I have never cut them like that. I really like the presentation.

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