Very yellow pilau rice

This is one of the meals I make when I don’t feel like spending too much time cooking, sure there are a fair bit of chopping involved. (If you are lucky enough to have a food processor you might even get away with minimal prepping)

Apparently sweetcorn is normally combined with beans in Mexico to make a complete protein, and likewise rice is combined with beans in parts of Asia to do the same. I decided to throw all three together, surely a protein can’t be too complete right? Oh and more to the point, I really like the combination of these three things, that is the crux of the matter really, and I have a suspicion that that has contributed to the staying power of this combination at least a little bit…


Anyhow this is what you need:

1 onion chopped
approx 1 cm of ginger finely chopped
1 clove of garlic finely chopped (optional)

1 cup brown rice
1 cup sweetcorn (I used frozen)
1 cup black beans (I cook a whole load of them and freeze them in 1 cup portions, I’m sure a can will do fine)

1 1/2 t Turmeric
1 t Coriander
1 t Cumin
1/4 t Cardamom
a pinch Cinnamon
a pinch Mace
salt to taste

1 cup tomato passata or 1 tin tomatoes
1 cup water or fill up the tin with water and add that
2 tomatoes finely chopped (optional)

Start by sautéing the onion in some oil over medium to low heat, I used coconut oil this time and it added a nice dimension to the dish, olive oil or even butter will do grand. As this is an Indian inspired dish I guess ghee might be more authentic. Let the onions soften slightly before adding the ginger and garlic if using. Let this cook together for a few minutes and then add the rice, corn and beans.

Add all the spices, if you want to make this even better use the whole spices and grind them together in a pestle and mortar, not only will it taste better it will save you money too. You will also work up some pretty impressive arm muscles, so all around win! I don’t have my pestle and mortar here so I have to stick to the powdered stuff. I let the spices cook with the “dry” stuff for a little while to release the aromatics, you might even want to add them before the rice etc. I have tried both and not found any great difference in the taste.

Then add the tomato and water, I used some fresh tomatoes too as I had some to hand. However they are not necessary and the dish in lovely without too. If you are serving it to someone less vary of hot food than my boyfriend you might want to add some chili too, not properly Indian without some burn. (Not that this is anyways, but the spice mix certainly lean that way)

Let all this bubble away happily while you go ahead and do something productive, like finish reading all the blogs in your Google reader… Keep half an eye on it though, depending on your rice you might have to add some extra water if it looks like it will cook dry before the rice is done. This is so easy to make and it is also a one pot dinner, which I really appreciate. I have a tendency to get rice wrong when I cook it by itself, but this way it always turns out! You can use which ever add ins you like too, peas are nice, chicken, broad beans etc etc… I like to serve it on a bed of green, such as spinach, rocket, romaine etc. and a drizzle of pumpkin seeds never hurt anything. 😉

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!

Update on the training front:
I did indeed run my 3 miles yesterday, but I did yoga and strength instead of a short run on Wednesday as I felt my legs needed the break. Today was rest day, and tomorrow it is time for another cross training day. I might go for a warm up walk/run in my vibrams to get some fresh air to start the day and then do some strength & stretching. Nothing too vigorous though as Sunday is “long” run day. I am only up to 4 miles so it is really not scary at all…


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2 Responses to Very yellow pilau rice

  1. Coco Hall says:

    This looks and sounds great! Rice is one of my essentials and am always collecting good rice recipes. Hopefully I can make it this weekend♥

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