Weekend Wanderings (see a pattern?) & an easy recipe

Another week where we didn’t really venture too far from home. There is a certain amount of traffic chaos due to the carnival celebrations so sticking to the places we could reach on foot was rather appealing. We are planning to hit up Valetta on Tuesday after work for the last day of the carnival, hopefully it will still be worth seeing even though Sunday apparently is the big day, and Gozo is where you should be…

However on Saturday we went out searching for a fabled coffee place somewhere in St Paul’s Bay, unfortunately we had only a vague description about where it was and only a patchy memory of said description, so needless to say… Well we didn’t find it… Which turned out to be no bad thing as we hit up Café Breton (I know, such a Maltese name…) on Triq-il-Mosta and it turned out to be amazing! We probably lowered the average age by about 50 years, but I gotta hand it to the pensioners they sure know where to find the good stuff. Surprisingly enough on Malta the service was stellar, the lad behind the counter looked about 12 but he was really nice and knowledgeable, total jackpot.

Walking home I seemed to be in a: taking pictures of flowers kinda mood… So that is what I did!


Unfortunately I have very little knowledge about the flora and fauna on Malta, I really should get a book about it…


Because I can’t tell you what any of these are called, a couple of them are rather common garden plants I believe.


Like this one…


I run past this house quite often, and for some reason I really like it, although it is rather derelict I think it has some charm, and a totally camera shy dog… He ran away the minute I picked up the camera.


I seem to have a thing for doors etc. that is in somewhat less than perfect repair…


Just managed to catch the sunlight on those cacti, the clouds were moving so far that you really had to be on the ball all the time, or in this instance on the wall, as I had to climb up on one to get the view. Too short otherwise…


Here the lack of knowledge of Mediterranean flora comes into play again… I can’t remember whether these were on the fig tree or next to it, and I don’t know enough about figs to say, so all I can tell you is that somewhere near to these there was a fig tree and these may or may not have been part of it…


This is the view across the bay that we can (just) see from our flat. The tower in the picture is called Għallis Tower which is one of many towers of this kind all around Malta, the Scotsman have a short summary of how it works here complete with Lord of the Rings reference, I can’t not approve. 😉 I also happen to know that the distance from our door to the tower and back again is 4.75 miles as I ran that distance last Saturday.

Today I chose a rather different route and went through the village of Burmarrad, which if you know the area is on the way to Mosta from St Paul’s Bay. Surprisingly enough my legs felt quite fresh and I rather enjoyed the run today, it helped that Burmarrad is quaint. Now don’t get me wrong it is not actually pretty, it is more like shabby chic, however I saw so many things that I was itching to take photos of (so look out for a weekend wanderings Burmarrad edition coming your way soonish). It is really nice to have a run where you basically are just enjoying being out and about in the fresh air, the fact that I ended up doing 5.28 miles in total just adds to the positives! My training schedule only asked for 4 miles today, but it maxes out at 10 miles and I would have liked to have covered a bit more ground before attempting 13.1 miles. Mainly for my peace of mind really, at the moment every “long” run is the longest I have ever run, which is a rather nice feeling of achievement!

And I promised you a recipe didn’t I? Well here goes…


Easy fennel side

The inspiration for this dish was a new piece of local produce that I accidentally came across in the supermarket on Saturday. Fresh local garlic! I had heard about it, but never tried it before so of course I had to pick some up… Looking to rev up a dinner that otherwise consisted mainly of left overs I though up this really easy side dish.


1 stalk (or whatever they are called) of fresh garlic (if you can’t find this I’m guessing you could substitute about half a clove of garlic and one spring onion. You won’t get quite the same mild fresh slightly garlicky flavour but it should be ok)
1 fennel bulb (mine was medium sized)
1 lemon
olive oil for sautéing

Finely chop the fresh garlic and cut the fennel into thin strips.

Heat some olive oil over medium heat and add the garlic and sauté the two for a few minutes until the garlic is slightly aromatic, then add the fennel.

You want the fennel to be al dente, still retaining a little bit of crunch. This should take approximately 5 minutes, just before they are done squeeze the juice of the lemon over and that is it. Really easy but also very nice and summery! If you can get hold of it I imagine that some lemon thyme would be really nice on here, or maybe some lemon balm?



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