Let me tell you a secret…

It is really hard to fry pancakes in a pot…

Yeah, I am sure you all feel better now! Why, you might ask, would I do something as stupid as frying pancakes in a pot, well… There’s a reason, and it is really good too, however pancake day is not till tomorrow so you’re going to have to wait for the full story.

So I will share a couple of more “secrets” just ’cause it’s Monday, and I’m cool like that!

It is great fun to take pictures of people with dreads rocking out!

0.44 Colt in London

It is really difficult to take pictures of drummers…

Luke from the Feud in London

…and people jumping about…

Jamie from the Feud in Southampton

…and it really does not matter how much of a rock’n’rolla you are, pink light ain’t macho…

Mark from Sick Puppies in Glasgow

It is also rather hard to take a picture of an entire band when you are in front row without a wide angle lens…

Sick Puppies
in Glasgow

Patience really is a virtue, and when it comes to taking gig pictures I have a feeling that being trigger happy also helps…

Emma from Sick Puppies in Glasgow

Kicking leaves whilst wearing turquoise wellies are the greatest thing ever!


That’s all for now!

(Uhm, and if I open Photoshop and my picture library there really is no such thing as a quick post…)




About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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2 Responses to Let me tell you a secret…

  1. Coco says:

    >cause it’s Monday, and I’m cool like that!

    Yes you ARE!! Thanks for sharing those fantastic photos!!!! Gee, can’t get over the pic of Emma wearing “愛”(font?) tank!!!! Awesome, Mari!

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