One Hit Wonder Wedenesday!

– “Great intro, uh?”
– “They nicked it from Marvin Gaye.”
– “He nicked it from Bach!”

from The Commitments (I happen to love both the song this refer to and this movie…)

Maybe I am stretching the one hit wonder  definition with this one, because this is one band that did a lot more. However as I can’t say that I knew about any of their other stuff before taking a brief glance at Wikipedia just now… So as far as I am concerned this one’s good to go! Hope you enjoy it!

-“Well as I like to say Terry: We skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor, I was feeling kinda seasick, but the crowd called out for more.”
-“That’s very profound, Jimmy! What does it mean?”
– “I’m f***ed if I know, Terry!”

again from The Commitments


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Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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