Time for a challenge! Or why I am going vegan for lent…

No it is not to have an excuse to cook my way through Angela’s entire back catalog, although that would be a most excellent reason…

Nor can I say that this is a religiously motivated thing. I have only been observing lent since my first year at University, when one of my housemates gave up shopping for lent. The idea of not always having instant gratification appealed to me. I am not trying to sound pretentious, however I am very aware that I am very lucky to live in a world and be in a position where just about everything is available to me at any time.

The idea of giving up something for lent appealed to me, as what it does is to make you focus more and be more aware, in my case of what you eat, in my housemate’s case how much she actually was shopping. (Don’t worry she could still buy food, the poor girl did not starve…)

The past few years I have done the traditional “giving up meat” thing, which to be honest is not a problem for me at all. I don’t really eat much meat anyways, it is rather expensive and not a necessity for me. However I found it was getting increasingly easy and not actually making me mindful of what I was eating, hence it was more of a going through the motions than an actual challenge, which from my perspective makes it a fail…

Thus, this year I am going vegan for the duration of lent. Now I already do quite a bit of vegan baking and cooking, however there are a lot of practical difficulties with this that I’m in a weird way looking forward to tackle. For one thing this means that I either have to give up coffee for lent as well or start liking espresso  pronto! (Let’s just say that soy milk is not normally available in Maltese coffee shops) Furthermore, as I found out today, forgetting or not making a packed lunch is not an option… There are no vegan alternatives available for lunch, luckily my work place provides free fruit. Lesson learned!

I have found before that this exercise really forces me to be creative in the kitchen and stretch my imagination, so hopefully you should see some of the results on here!

One note though, I know some vegans don’t eat honey. I will be eating honey occasionally, it is not something that I eat a whole lot of. However Malta produce a lot of honey, so to me it makes more sense to use this local product when I can, rather than flying in a product like maple syrup (mind I do use that from time to time too, but I try to keep in mind that this product has to travel far to reach us). I mean… The name Malta is probably derived from the Greek word for honey (μέλι) so not eating it would just be plain wrong 😉

And on top of that I find that my runs are better when I haven’t eaten meat, I feel lighter somehow and it seems to go so much easier… Which is interesting, I tend to run in the morning so it is not like dinner have not had time to digest, however this is what I have been noticing lately.


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