Cinnamon & Maple Roasted Beetroot

This recipe is in a rather roundabout way inspired by Ashley over at the Edible Perspective… Whilst her post was about what toothpaste should definitely not taste like… (With which I totally agree!) I was left thinking, surely cinnamon and beetroot must work, now I will readily admit that I think cinnamon work with anything however this was a combination I really thought had something. Surely they put beetroot and cinnamon in chocolate cakes for a reason?

Anyhow, I got to work and thought that a little bit of maple syrup, just to spice things up as it were, could not go amiss. Hence cinnamon and maple roasted beetroot. Roasting with maple syrup seems to be all the rage at the moment, I remember seeing it several places so this is by no means a novel idea of mine, Ashley (again) has a lovely nut butter recipe with this flavour combination, and Evan roasted Brussels sprouts with maple syrup. (I really want to try out that recipe!)

Anyhow, that is why I ended up roasting beetroot this way… As is normally the case with me I read stuff for inspiration and then end up grabbing whatever is closest to me.

Maple & Cinnamon Roasted Beetroot


A bunch of beetroot, my bunch had a total of 4

1/4 cup olive oil (scant)
1-2 teaspoons maple syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)
1/2 -1 teaspoon cinnamon (I used the full amount, but I love cinnamon. If you are unsure start with less)
1/4 teaspoon salt
pinch of mace (optional, mace and nutmeg are very strong flavours so make sure you don’t overdo it)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Cut the beetroot into bitesize pieces, I cut off the top and bottom and then divided each into 6 pieces. Mine were pretty small, so if you only find large beetroot you might want to divide them into 8.

In a largeish bowl mix up the oil, maple syrup, cinnamon, salt and mace.

Then dump in the beetroot and make sure each piece is covered in the oil mixture.

Roast in the over for about 40 minutes, this does depend on your oven. However if you are short of time cut the beetroot into smaller pieces. I quite like the bite you get with the larger pieces though.






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4 Responses to Cinnamon & Maple Roasted Beetroot

  1. Olga says:

    remember I told you I baked beetroots the day before we went to London? well, I actually cooked them exactly the same way, except for two things – I had pickled ones and I used honey instead of maple syrup 🙂

    ps. and I found your blog via FB

    • Ha! Yours were more local than mine in that case, maple syrup is not exactly native to Malta…

      I never thought about roasting pickled beetroot, I imagine it would add a nice sour punch. Gotta try that now I think.

      FB rules… 😉

      • Olga says:

        you’ll like it, if you enjoy sweet and sour combinations! + it’s sooo much faster to make (no cutting and no more than 20 minutes to roast), which counts during the week.

      • Too true!

        Sweet and sour is great, as long as it is not too heavy on the sweet as far as I am concerned.

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