Weekend Wanderings: Geeky Edition

Yes I am aware that it is Tuesday… However on Sunday I was still in London with limited access to the internet, and yesterday my brain was in shut down mode after getting home at about 3 am in the morning and starting work at 9 am. Trust me if I had tried to write anything yesterday you would not have a clue what I was babbling about, actually I am pretty sure it would not be possible to recognise as any kind of language at all.

So, yes I was in London with work for 4 days. Only working 2 of them and having the weekend to do what I liked. And I did… Saturday I hit up Kings Road Sporting Club, as they carry Lululemon stuff and I got the impression that they knew what they were doing generally. Luckily they did, and I got new running shoes (long overdue…), proper wicking socks as well as: Run: Inspire Crop and a tank top from Lululemon.

The shoes I ended up with were Mizuno Waves, neutral and not  too built up on the heel. Really loving them so far, they are unpretentious and light! So important, I am still working on building up the distance I can do in my Vibrams, but I figured that as I am doing the bulk of my running in the other shoes I should make sure that they are good. I really recommend Kings Road Sporting Club, the staff was really helpful and they knew their stuff! I also felt really welcome there, and that totally matter. I hate spending money somewhere where I get the impression that I am an inconvenience to the staff…

However this shop is near Sloane Square I must say I felt that I was somewhat lacking in the poshness area when I was walking there. Incidentally I was walking down the wrong street first, as you do, and I noticed that a lot of people were staring at my legs/feet. At some point when that happens you get a little self conscious… I was wondering if my shoes were falling apart or had some serious paint stains or something. However after I remembered that I was wearing skinny jeans with orange thigh high socks (only dragged up to about mid calf, keeps you really warm) and my trusty high heeled ankle boots I kind of understood. Clearly these people didn’t realise that this is the height of fashion right now… I mean it gotta be, because I was wearing it and I’ve got a design degree. 😉

Anyhow, onwards and upwards. So just why is this the geek edition you might well ask… Now let me tell you! I met up with my friend Donna and her friend from university and we decided that the natural thing to do was to go to the Natural History Museum! All of us rather fall into the category of natural sciences geeks, and will do things like stalk David Attenborough and read popular science books for fun… You know, like any normal person would…

Actually, all the pictures I took in London were from either outside the Natural History Museum or inside it…

It is such a beautiful building, and somewhat quintessentially British…

The Queen owns it… Or something like that…

The gargoyles are more natural than they are wont to be, I would love to have the time to study all the different ones they have there, there’s a lot…

There was quite a line to get in, which was cool as it gave me plenty of time to take pictures, however it still moved fast enough to make it exciting to wait rather than a chore. The geek in me was also rather delighted that so many people wanted to get into a museum like this. It gives me some faith in humanity…

The entrance is rather impressive…

The dinosaur in the entrance hall is rather iconic, I didn’t manage to get a decent picture of the whole thing… The three of us were probably the only people in there that did not make a beeline for the dinosaur exhibition. We wanted to find the trilobites! (Clearly they are the coolest things in there) I am rather a fan of Richard Fortey and his book Trilobite! is amazing. We were very disappointed when this particular part of the exhibition was closed… We did find some trilobites just outside the shop though so all was not doom and gloom.

While were on about icons… We got to hang out with the man himself!

Clearly I chose my travel companions wisely!

Oh yes! Gotta get a picture with the celebrities you know…

Possibly my favourite part of the museum, here is where the collections are housed. Back to Richard Fortey, his book about the Natural History Museum: Dry Store Room No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum is as you’d expekt from him nothing short of amazing. It also makes me want to go explore behind the scenes in there, as it clearly is so much that is hidden from view. I would love to get a chance to take my camera around for a journey through the hidden part of the museum!

Cnidaria rules, clearly…

I found all this eerily beautiful, as proved by the amount of pictures I took…


Starfish are cool… Seriously!

Oh the colours!

Here too…

Rattus norvegicus… Yeah I needed to take a picture!

Some amazing drawing skills on display too.

The “Power Within” gallery was rather poignant right now, and this seismic monitor showing the activity around Japan was rather sobering.

We ended the visit in the shop, because you got to make sure that these institutions keep going you know… I loved it actually, it appeals both to my inner six year old and not so deeply hidden geek. So my recommendation is: go there! Make sure you have plenty of time though…


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