Book review: Let me sing you gentle songs, Linda Olsson


It is no secret that I love reading… Most days finding me with my head in a book at some point during the day is a given, even if it is just for a few minutes before sleep.

I will admit that I tend to read more prose than fiction at the moment, however I am not going to turn down a good story any time soon! I got this  book for Christmas from my parents, my mum had already read it and her words about it were something like: “I thought it was a really nice book, or not nice really, but beautiful…”

Funnily enough after finishing the book I know exactly what she means. This book is as the title say gentle, yet unflinching, beautiful but difficult, uplifting and sad.

It is the kind of book that gets under your skin and bring tears to your eyes and makes you laugh, sometimes at the same time.

In essence it is a book about the healing power of friendship, not at all action packed, but then that is not the point. Gentle and comforting are words that come to mind, yet this is not a happy go lucky kind of book. At times it is uncomfortable and challenging, but it is so beautifully balanced that you just can’t put it down.

Much recommended!

(NB: For some reason the American title of this book is Astrid and Veronica… It is the name of the main characters, however I think the original title is a much better fit)


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3 Responses to Book review: Let me sing you gentle songs, Linda Olsson

  1. Ellen M. says:

    Så bra du likte den!
    (Husker ikke at jeg uttrykte meg så “poetisk” om den, men det høres veldig riktig ut når du formulerer det.)

    • Direkte oversatt av meg… Så du har helt klart en indre poet som streber etter å komme seg ut, eller noe sånt…

      • Ellen M. says:

        Oi, ja den har strevd uten å lykkes i noen særlig grad gitt …
        Men altså her, et sjeldent øyeblikk skjønner jeg. Bra, kanskje det plutselig kommer mer!

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