One Hit Wonder Wednesday!

Hey! Guess what this week’s one hit wonder is also from the 90s… What a surprise eh?

I totally remember hearing this song on the radio, way too many times. To be honest at the time I was totally sick and tired of it… Now however it has sort of morphed onto a sort of nostalgic well maybe not treat but it brings a smile to my face, and that is a good thing! I also realised that I know a disturbing amount of the lyrics… Hope you like to meet this one again!

I will write a little bit more about music, because it feels apt today.

I really enjoyed finding this blog post about a band that I got to know when I was living in Edinburgh. These guys are from Glasgow and nothing short of fabulous. I purchased their eponymous and self released debut album Endor when it was released and loved it. However they are even better live. This is a good read about this band and about the music industry in general. Check it out here.

A friend of mine from Edinburgh also released some material this month, and to be honest I was more than happy to get hold of this. I have only heard him do some snatches of these songs and wanted to hear more. One of the song in particular is both beautiful and has a poignant back story. I don’t feel qualified to try to tell the story, but the song is called “the Wait” and is beautiful regardless of whether or not you know the story. My mate’s artist name is “I am Frankie” and you can find the album here. Let me also add that 40% of the profit goes to charity, and he has wisely chosen two causes close to my heart Amnesty (needs no explanation!) and Australian Conservation Foundation which works to educate Australians about environmental issues, how can you not approve? However just have wander over and you can have a free listen to one of the songs, it’s worth it… In my opinion at least 😉

Last, yeah I know you are wondering when I am going to stop aren’t you, I promise this is indeed the last bit! Another band I got to know when I was in Edinburgh, the 10:04s (yeah the name is totally taken from Back to the Future), are hosting the second annual Haddowfest in Edinburgh this weekend, a great showcase for local music and they have also managed to attract Razorlight to headline. Not bad guys! Not only are these guys a great band they are also really nice, and I owe them big time. They were the first act to confirm that they were happy to play for free on a charity gig that I was organising with Mr “I am Frankie” mentioned above, they were the reason we believed that we could actually pull this off! There are more than 100 local bands playing this festival at several venues all over Edinburgh, lots of fun! My old house mate’s band Sebastian Dangerfield are also playing, I would love to be there… Next year hopefully!


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