Weekend Wanderings – Mosta & Burmarrad

WARNING! This is a very picture heavy post, so if you don’t like that sort of thing stay far away and eat some chocolate or something… If I was far from trigger happy last weekend I made up for it this weekend. Or to be specific I made up for it yesterday, we ended up walking home from Mosta. This is a trek of about 4 miles or so, and with a camera or two that takes a few hours. Adding a 6.5+ run for me this morning today was not a very effective day… I am pretty certain I will sleep well though!

We started the walk near Mosta Dome, the Mr wrote a whole post about it on his blog. The thing about this dome is that you can’t really see that it is a dome until you are a fair bit away, but you can certainly see it from many places on the island. Just not where we were walking yesterday…



Right across the street from the dome is the bar lounge, very appropriate! I have actually never seen it open, but that does not say much as I haven’t really been in Mosta at evening time.

I have a sowing machine, not sure if it is a Singer, as a matter of fact I think it isn’t, but that is besides the point. Singer sowing machines are rather iconic, so I had to take a picture of the sign. No really I totally had to…

I guess petrol pumps aren’t what you’d normally think of as pretty, but for some reason the more “vintage” ones here on the island appeals to me.

Some doors, you wouldn’t expect anything else now would you???

I also like shutters, provided I don’t have to wash them…

I am not really sure what this is supposed to be, but it intrigued me nonetheless…

Another door, woop woop!

It is quite normal to have bars in front of the windows here, some are more ornate than others *chough* ours *cough*, a lot of people also keep plants in the more spacious bottom part. It is rather pretty I must say.

Yes I took a picture of a chain closing a wooden door that is starting to fall apart, doesn’t everybody?

It looked a little lonely, so I took a picture to make it better…

Not sure exactly what sort of tree this is, but as this particular stretch of road tend to be my choice route for my long runs I will report back when I find out. 😉

Me likey the bokeh!!!

Not really sure what the purpose of these poles are, but they create some cool lines.

Burmarrad is surrounded by fields, this is one… 😛

This place reminds me of younghouselove(yeah I know they spelt the name wrong 😉 ), every time I pass it. Trust me, it is the little things that keeps you going when you are running far…

I could mention that this is a windmill, but there are limits to how many times I need to state the obvious in one post. Wait… Oh well…

Burmarrad is not the most polished part of the island, however I sort of like it.

This door reminded me of fairytales in some weird sense, that made me happy. Nuff said!

Yep definitely not chi-chi but that makes for more interesting photos methinks!

Last but not least, a spiky flower!



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Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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