On Scotland: Leith

Now many people would say that Leith is a part of Edinburgh, now I am not going to argue that this is not an easy mistake to make nor that they are not technically right. However if you chose to think of them as one, keep that to yourself when speaking to someone from Leith, it’s for your own health’s sake, m’kay?

I rather like Leith, I lived there for the latter part of my time in Edinburgh (uhm… and Leith… 🙂 ), a lot less posh than Morningside (which to be fair ain’t all that difficult), but charming nonetheless, and there are a cobble of nice little cafes popping up around the place too. It is considerably less crowded than the main touristy places too, so definitely worth a visit.

We lived quite far up Leith Walk, but the following pictures are from the dock area and the lower bit of the Water of Leith.

This is all the way down by the water side, not so far away from the “Michelin Mile” actually…

Gotta love a strategically placed tall ship…

Taking a photo seemed like a good idea at the time…

You might wonder why I was taking a photo of a canon, but really it is obvious! It is because it is built in Kongsberg, there now it all makes sense, right?

I don’t think I’ve ever walked across this bridge, seems a little silly in hindsight…

I did get pretty up close and personal with it tough!

This is the view from next to said bridge up the Water of Leith, I think that closest boat is a restaurant.

Some chain, because it contrasted nicely with the weather worn wood beneath it whilst still showing its age, I liked it…

To round it off a half sunken boat… Just ’cause I somehow find this picture really peaceful…

Happy weekend everybody!


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