Weekend Wanderings – Classic Cars & Strawberries

I’ve got lots of pictures coming up, so I will keep the introduction short. In a nutshell: We were going to the Strawberry Festival, Festa Frawli in Mgarr, we had to change buses in Mosta and there we happened to find a lot of classic cars…


Let’s start with a line-up…


This little birdie was on a Ford, why don’t they have them any more?


Love how you can see the Mosta Dome reflected in this Plymouth…


OK so the picture is only so so, but look at the number plate!


You can’t help but wonder what the name of the owner of this car is…


Not quite sure what he can see through there, I really should have asked…


You can’t just take a picture of the front of the cars…


Unless you can’t be bothered to walk all the way to the back…


There was lots of traffic so we got off the bus to walk, this would have been faster if I didn’t have a camera… This bee decided to land on the flower just as I was taking pictures of it, I’m not complaining…


Artichokes are cool! End of…


I really need to find out what sort of tree this is…


We got there in the end!


They had cupcakes too…


A lot…


And they had strawberries… 😀


True to form I started to take pictures of random stuff…


And doors, what a surprise…


Yeah, wires… I liked the contrast the pole makes with the sky, the sort of orangey tinge makes for an almost complimentary contrast…


I call this composition “Still life with Cisk & Carlos Santana”…


A rusty lock… Uhm yeah I liked the look of it…


Pretty flowers…




Here’s one of the classic cars out and about, the man inside actually made the car even cooler!


I like the fact that some of the decorations on this house was on the underside, makes perfect sense really as you mainly look up on it from the underside…


Then I spotted this pretty fence as we were walking home from the bus stop…


Something about the combination of these columns and the flowers appealed to me…



About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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146 Responses to Weekend Wanderings – Classic Cars & Strawberries

  1. Simply gorgeous. Love old cars. And am so glad I’m making artichokes next week, I think if I wasn’t I would be now!

    • Mari says:

      Totally lucking out in finding that Classic Car show, loved it!

      I have still to make artichokes myself really, I have chickened out so far… Not a great excuse, I should really just do it!

    • Sosha says:

      You should’ve been at the Automobil 2011 Fest in Stuttgart, Germany last weekend. Many more vintage and new cars by Mercedes, Audi and Porche. I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed it… I had a great time!

  2. Classic cars rock! My husband would love this post!

  3. Imprimis says:

    That tree that you were wondering about looks like a Redbud. We have lots of them here in Texas, and they are quite pretty in spring when they bud out. They are also some of the messiest trees around. 😛 They drop twigs and seed pods and petals a lot.

    I enjoyed your blog post! Great shots of the classic cars.

    • Mari says:

      Thank you!

      You are right it does look a lot like a Redbud. They are not native to this part of the world though, maybe some sort of European relative?

  4. Cars, flowers, architecture, strawberries — all sounds amazing!


  5. Sharon McElwrath says:

    I am jealous! That looks like so much fun 🙂 Love all the pictures and the bee landing on the flower just as you took a picture was a work of God! Very pretty! You have to try artichokes, best way to do them is to steam them then dip the meaty part of the leaf into homemade hollindaise sauce (not the packet at the store, they don’t come close to the real flavor) the hearts are the best, go for it, I’d be surprised if you didn’t like them 🙂

    • Mari says:

      I thought it was remarkably considerate of the bee land there just then I must say!

      I really have to, I really want to actually. The look really pretty, and I like the tinned ones so fresh ones are bound to be even better! And totally homemade all the way, the stuff out of a bag totally does not compare!

  6. diamondcoast says:

    Lovely post. Beautiful photography. I need to go as soon as possible.

  7. There no better way, than wandering into surprises. Your photo’s are great, I love the cupcakes. yum! Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

    • Mari says:

      Thank you very much!

      (The cupcakes were super yummy, and they had tasty filling waiting inside them too, I another surprise on the day!)

  8. flatland57 says:

    It’s a redbud tree. I enjoyed your post.

    • Mari says:

      Yes someone else mentioned that too, it only grows in North America though so I doubt it is as there are a lot of them here on Malta.

      However I just found that there is indeed a European one! European Redbud (d’oh) or Judas Tree, looks spot on indeed!

      Thank you!

  9. ournote2self says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  10. MoMoMia says:

    Simply gorgeous photos. Great post! 🙂

  11. pilchero says:

    ♥♥Those cars♥♥ I could only wish to drive something like that. I wouldn’t mind driving 15 km/h if it is what it takes. Bet you couldn’t stop drooling over those!

  12. yakitoko says:

    Interesting, it`s a really nice collection. I like the angle of the pics. What camera are you using?

  13. Great looking cars and nice shots. The food looks delectable. 🙂

  14. be awake says:

    unexpected plot twists! i love it 🙂

  15. Invigorating and relaxing all at the same time! I love all the wonderful colors. It truly soothes the soul. I also checked out your “vegan” recipes. It’s so nice to have healthy and compassionate options. Congrats to you for being freshly pressed! Hope you get a chance to drop by my blog too. Have a super weekend!

    • Mari says:

      Thank you so much!

      I did indeed drop by your blog, it will be added yo my reader pronto. Love the fact that you are not afraid to have an opinion and share it beautifully!

  16. anonnickus says:

    Yes. Certainly. Agreed. But oh my good gravy gosh those cupcakes, those cupcakes!

  17. Spectra says:

    When I found this post, the contrast between old cars and strawberries made me think “Watsonville, California”. Which it is, apparently, not. But could be. They are also right next door to the artichoke capitol of the world, which gave Marilynn Monroe her first beauty pageant crown, and a woody bar there still hangs her black and white photo…where is this, really? I love the shots, the cars are crazy beautiful…having lived in and around Monterey/Pebble Beach, CA, car shows were a staple. And fresh fruit. And doorways. But no such luck with cool locks.

    Nice post, glad to have stumbled upon your work!

    • Mari says:

      Not California, but Malta… Little island nation just south of Italy! Mediterranean climate makes for early strawberries, I’m not complaining!

      Thank you!

  18. Great pictures! I’m the same way… I sort through my photos at the end of the day and have a ton of random ones. I always end up going, “Now what the heck am I ever going to do with these?!” I guess it’s a good thing somebody invented blogging. 😀

    • Mari says:

      Totally! Random really does sum up the way I take pictures, that and no restraint… I can easily fill an 8 GB in an evening, and that’s without shooting in RAW…

  19. Grumpa Joe says:

    Cool cars, and great photos make for a happy visitor.

  20. Lovely photos! I love classic cars! 🙂

  21. mla79 says:

    Hi, really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I have a rookie question – how do you manage to get your pictures and text to sit so perfectly? I can never ever manage to do that! Is there a technique I don’t know of? Any help would be appreciated. Oh, and those cupcakes do look awesome!

    • Mari says:

      Hello! Thanks for that!

      I upload my pictures to Flickr first, and then copy the html code from there (go to share over the picture and chose html).

      I then paste the code into the html tab here, not visual, then I add a full paragraph break (enter twice) before I start typing. That is personal preference really, but I like to give the pictures room to “breathe”. Hope this makes sense, just ask if it doesn’t!

      • mla79 says:

        Oh I see!! That makes a lot of sense actually and thanks for taking the trouble to write all that for my benefit! I will try it this way the next time I post pictures. 🙂

      • Mari says:

        No trouble at all, feel free to ask any more questions you might have!

  22. Colin L Beadon says:

    To get away from the modern world of nature- violent technologies.
    Concrete, exhaust fumes and car horns, people masses, when did you last stop and listen,…. really just listen, to a robin or thrush, singing in late evening in a wood with a stream chuckling nearby, and your mind uncluttered with intransigence ?

  23. Great Photos, thank you for sharing!

  24. pobrian says:

    Lovely photos Mari. A very nice post.
    Thank you.

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  26. Wira says:

    remind me my old volkswagen beetle, its 1970’s.

    having an old car makes me always ask my self, what can i do to make it better and keep peoples loooking at me.

  27. ryoko861 says:

    You don’t see cars like that in my area at car shows! SWEEEET (car geek here)!

    What a colorful place! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Mari says:

      I was rather surprise to find this here as well, but for such a small place it is a large classic car community apparently… 😀

  28. thor27 says:

    Very nice you’ve got some good photos wheels,nature,Americana excellent blog !!!

    Check out todays blog. http://thor27.wordpress.com/ The Reason Sarah Palin will get my vote for President of the United States.

  29. midhun says:

    Cool photos are here.Thanks for you…

  30. The pictures are gorgeous! I love pictures of the like as well…..

  31. Hej og hilsen fra Sverige!
    Love the pictures!

    Malta must be a beautiful place to live (and full of cool history)!

    • Mari says:


      Thank you very much, this place does ooze history. Humans have lived here for 3000 years at least, and situated where it is just about everybody (including the vikings!) have been here!

  32. Love your blog! Great, great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  33. convictstock says:

    I just love your photos…the one of the lock especially, and you’re right, what is it with doors…I find myself with heaps of shots of doors at the end of the day, without even really being aware of taking them. Wonderful post, thanks for those gorgeous cars!


  35. Such cool cars!!!

  36. bulimiacometoend says:

    the cupcake looks lovely. and also the color of your pictures looks adorable

    • Mari says:

      Cupcakes are brilliant!

      Thank you, I love colour and I am amazed at how well this camera manage to capture what I can see.

  37. elmer says:

    Great shots. If you’re a musician, you are a rockstar!

  38. mamanne says:

    Beautiful car pics! My dad used to restore antique/vintage autos, and we’d go on tour in them… sometimes even in period clothing! It was fun times. I especially loved our 1914 Model T Ford. But he had lots of 30’s era cars as well… anyway, thanks for your photos!

    • Mari says:

      Sounds like great fun! My dad’s brother restores cars too, he was more into the Model A Fords rather than the Model T so I am not so familiar with it. The model A is beautiful though.

  39. Very nice photos. I need to go as soon as possible.

  40. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I love this, our town has a car show every Thursday night in the summer. Each week they put out different kinds of cars, like one week it’s all Corvettes, etc… Thanks for this.

    • Mari says:

      That sounds like so much fun!

      Must be really cool to see all those similar cars at the same time. (Totally unrelated, but I got passed by two identical Ferraris in a row on my run today…)

  41. The photos are amazing! I always love classic cars.

  42. Penny Go says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, congratulations not only for your spectacular work, but for your front page listing on WordPress!

  43. thejourney21 says:

    Classic cars are wicked awesome!! Very nice photos by the way! I never come across anything cool when I change buses.. I’ll just have to look harder.. lol

  44. sorrentolens says:

    Wonderful photos! You have a ‘good eye’ – love the photos of classic cars. Good luck to you.

  45. themacadamia says:

    Uplifting & springy! nice pics 🙂

  46. midnitechef says:

    I liked the old door and pole against the sky – very cool! They belong in a calendar or coffee table book 🙂 Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Mari says:

      Thank you so much! (I do have a thing for old doors, and man made objects against the sky, makes for really interesting juxtapositions I think…)

      Super stoked on being freshly pressed too!

  47. Tony G says:

    Mari, thanks so much for sharing the photos with us…As a life-long devoted car nut, I absolutley love the old car pics…but it was your talent that made them special…the thought and planning into framing the subject so you’d be able to capture a specific perception of the photo has made them special…the hood ornaments, the Jag grill, the cupcakes & Carlos Santanna shot all had their own story to tell. Well done.

    • Mari says:

      Thank you so much Tony.

      I tend to take pictures that I think “feel” right, great to hear that I’m not the only one that enjoys them. (The cars are such a joy to photograph though, so many interesting and beautiful details…)

  48. pbenjay says:

    Hi Mari,
    I’m not even sure how I came across your site, oh yes I do! I saw it on WordPress. I LOVE classic cars and these were beauties. AND THEN I realized where you live and thought how lucky you are! Malta seems so beautiful. I would love to live in Italy (or maybe Malta) for at least 6 months. A BIG item to add to a “bucket list”.

    • Mari says:

      Thank you, there are some fantastic classic cars around this very small island. The owners take such pride in them!

      Add it! Malta is only 90 minutes on the ferry from Sicily, and a very short and cheap flight from Rome or Milan, so Italy and Malta can totally be combined. 😉

  49. Christina says:

    Lucky you, to come across such a beautiful car show!

  50. Lovely photos! I love classic cars!
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    • Mari says:

      Thank you, the designer in me can’t help but admire the craftmaship and ingenuity that goes into creating these vehicles. So beutiful, new cars have their charms too, but not the same, not the same at all…

  51. gypsydoodles says:

    the cars are amazing. =) really cool. =)

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  53. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    My father-in-law collects cars, he would have loved that! Next weekend we’re also going to a strawberry festival but in Oxnard.

    • Mari says:

      Your father in law and my uncle should meet up, they’d have a blast!

      I’d love to go to another strawberry festival, those berries are just the best thing ever. Hope you’ll have a great time!

  54. Sheetal says:

    Beautiful photographs….i just loved the compositions of the blue flowers with the fence…
    And off course…the CARS!!! INSANE!!!

    • Mari says:

      Thank you. I must admit that I am rather paritial to the blue flowers and the fence myself, and it was one of those photos that almost did not happen. I was tired and cranky (ooops), and I had packed away the camera, if fact I walked past first, but had to turn around and take it anyways. So glad I did!

      • Sheetal says:

        You know what? I am also really really glad you took those pictures. Those clicks are a beauty!

      • Mari says:

        Thanks, and it proves my dad right (again), he always say that you always need to carry your camera around ready to be used or you might miss out…

  55. Rosid says:

    It’s incredible, this really made ​​me fascinated and seemed to want to have it. Hehehehe …. http://rosid.net very happy to visit the blog .. Success for you, and keep working.

  56. Excellent pictures and such an assortment, yet they all seem to work together. Thank you for bringing these views of things both extravagent, simple, common and extraordinary together in such an eye popping way. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing your work in Time or NatGeo someday soon!

  57. xoxofrets says:

    wow!!!i love vintage cars!

  58. Jess Palotas says:

    Love your blog 🙂 You’ve got a new follower 🙂

    Jessica Palotas

  59. Jailson Rainer says:

    Congrats, nice pics.

  60. The fence of 47 is really pretty 🙂

  61. Designer T. says:

    The lines of classic cars are so sexy. I think it’s time they bring sexy back!

  62. Classic cars are wicked awesome!! Very nice photos by the way! I never come across anything cool when I change buses.. I’ll just have to look harder.. lol

  63. Absolutely gorgeous photos!
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Hope to get to Prespa someday!
    Enjoyed listening to you!

    I teach k – 5 and want to share your animal photos and the overflowing trash can with them.
    The irony of perfection and destruction…
    They are so aware of life’s changes at that age.
    I try to impress upon them the appreciation and love of nature and how we can help life grow.

    • Mari says:

      I am not sure which photos you refer to, but you can most definitely use them if it helps you get that point across.

      The extent to which we treat this earth with reckless abandon and cover it with litter saddens me, yet I try to find the beauty in even in this. I share my photos so that they can be seen not to make money out of them. Enjoy!

  64. jim says:

    Comment read. Thx NDG! And thx for finding it

  65. Thank you for sharing content to read.

  66. Thanks for sharing content to read.

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