Today I ran…

The fastest mile splits I’ve ever done, well ever done and known about it that is. So I may have, probably have actually, run faster at some point however that is a long long time ago…

Not that I am by any means super fast, but I am quite happy with 10.17 minute miles(ish I don’t have a very accurate watch), that gives me something to work on. The  funny thing is, this was not really a short run. Well in the bigger scheme of things, today I ran 4 miles and just a few weeks ago that would have been a long run for me. Today’s run also started out pretty bad, however at around a mile I started feeling better and kept improving. Makes me wonder if I have just ran too short before, takes me some time to get into the groove as it were. 😉

I have also officially signed up for another half marathon, the Seaford Half, which apparently is scenic but hilly. Uh oh… I need to get the hill workouts in, talking about hills… I found a 10K race that fits nicely into my training plan, this one: Mellieha 10K only drawback is that it is sold as the “hardest 10K on the island”, I guess it is a matter of go big or go home, right? However the hill aspect should be a good test towards the half anyways, but I have actually  run up the hill in Mellieha, and they are not joking it is hardcore!!!

I have no idea how many casual racers there are on this island so I have high hopes of ending last if I do enter, woop!

I am rather getting into the running mantra thing, helps me focus on my technique, which is good and ultimately speeds me up. I am sticking with Caballo Blanco‘s so far (Read Born to Run): Easy, Light, Smooth, Fast. Nice rhythm, and more importantly(!), exactly what I need to hear, again, again, and again….

That’s all for now…


About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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