Book review: What I talk about when I talk about running, Haruki Murakami

What I talk about when I talk about running source

I guess the fact that I love this book is testament to the old adage that daddy knows best… When I started running he recommended that I read this book, actually I think he even did so in a comment on this very blog…

This book is not for you if you are looking for the riveting adventure of a page turner, that it isn’t. However it is strangely engrossing in such a subtle way that you hardly notice you are being pulled in. But make no mistake about it you will be… Especially if you are a runner, newbie or old hand this book is inspiring not so much for showing great feats of running athleticism, but for showing the mental feats of running. (This makes sense to me… Holla if you are stumped and I will try to explain, emphasis on try…)

Murakami wrote this book as a sort of journal of his road to run the NYC marathon as well as several flashbacks. This cleverly makes sure that you don’t get tired of one thing before he moves on. My only complaint is that the book is too short, but I  know for a fact that a few of his fiction books are proper bricks! I am very tempted to try one now, my parents have been praising them for years, and well you probably remember my point at the beginning of this post…

Funnily enough I just saw a Murakami quote on twitter from @RunningQuotes, I will leave you with some words from the man himself:

“In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be” Murakami 


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2 Responses to Book review: What I talk about when I talk about running, Haruki Murakami

  1. Coco says:

    Ha! My daughter has just read this book (she’s a long distance runner at school track team) and she recommended to me. So actually I have this book in my hand right at this moment!! (Believe or not I never read Murakami’s book until few years ago, even though I grew up in Japan. Now I have to read it in English :O)
    Anyways, it must be a sign. I’ll read it. 🙂

    (Actually I like some of his short stories, and I gave Shim one of Murakami books last time I saw him at concert. Let’s see he reads or not. :D)

    • Mari says:

      Funny how thing seems to crop up at the same time!

      Hope you like the book, I will se what other of his work I can dig up around here… 😀

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