Weekend Wanderings – No chocolate, but plenty of pictures

This weekend it was a chocolate festival or something like that at the Bay Street Shopping Center in St. Julian’s/Paceville. Now especially the latter is one of my least favourite places on Malta, basically lots of night clubs etc. and it could have been just about anywhere in the world. So yeah, not much point really as far as I’m concerned. However chocolate is a good reason for going anywhere, right? Wrong… In this instance at least, it was totally underwhelming. However we were rather late and possibly about 20+ years too old. So we decided to go wandering instead.

Now St. Julian’s is, as much of Malta come to think of it, a rather interesting mix of old and new, worn down and all shiny. For some reason I am more drawn to the less polished…


Behind this gate is a pink hotel and casino… Yeah the gate is the coolest thing here…


These flowers remind me of Christmas, for pretty obvious reasons… I also have a thing for shutters, you’ll see..


Shutters… 😉


Felt I needed to up the awww factor…


Loved the different patterns and textures here, I think it sort of works.


This is one of the less well kept houses, and on each side there are totally new buildings. I think this one had a lot more charm though, although I can’t say I feel like washing it…


Here’s just a small section of the seafront facade between Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay.


I pass this particular stretch of houses every day on my way to work, and I have wanted to take pictures of them for ages. They are so charming in a really careworn sort of way.


There’s just so many textural contrasts and subtle colour differences.


In this instance I think the beauty is in the flaws (and in the eyes of the beholder most definitely 😀 )…


Shutters… Doors… Metal fence… Come on, you knew it was gonna happen…


The clouds were so cool!


They were less interesting when we made it to the homestretch, however I liked the silhouette of this plant.


We were lucky enough to catch some low sun over the fields near home, some more pictures from this session might surface later, but for now this is my favourite…


Yep this sums me up pretty well…


And this… I tend to climb things to get better pictures, it makes people nervous sometimes…


Yeah well… Need I say more…

4 day work week coming up! Almost easter! Woop, woop!

(Oh and photo credits on the last 3 pictures to the Scotsman…)


About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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2 Responses to Weekend Wanderings – No chocolate, but plenty of pictures

  1. jessyblogs says:

    Beautiful pictures Mari! Also can I have your fashion style please? 😉

    • Mari says:

      Thank you.

      The fashion is easy, put something on, then realise you will be cold so add another layer and repeat as many times as necessary, lol!

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