Weekend Wanderings: Valletta again…

Due to this being a three day weekend I’ve got somewhat more pictures than normal… I might do some flashbacks during the week or something. The pictures going up today are solely from Friday, we managed to miss out on the easter parades due to not checking the times in advance and landing slap bang at the beginning of the time of the day when absolutely nothing happened… So we explored another part of Valletta and finally found the Lower Barrakka Gardens as well as the War Memorial. Pretty cool, however none of my pictures of either were much to talk about, so I guess I have to head back to try to capture something worthwhile.

Saturday we headed up to Mdina and today was spent around here, mind I did go for a run this morning. About 8.5 miles up towards Mosta and then Mdina bound, I think I met a running club or a small race as I passed about 10-15 runners going in the opposite directions of me, definitely felt that I was going the wrong way. 😉 I also met a lot of very chirpy cyclists, you know if you say hello and try to sound effortless and happy enough times in the end you almost fool yourself into thinking it is the case. Seriously do try…


Good Friday, just why is it called “Good” Friday, surely good is a bit of a weird way of describing the day? In Norwegian it is referred to as Long Friday, that makes a little more sense to me, anyhow… Rant over, Good Friday means that most shops were closed… I sorta like the look of them with the shutters down…


I love a faded sign, but that is hardly news… Funny thing is, I’ve walked down this street lots of times, but never noticed this one. Just happened to look up over my shoulder this time…


So many different shades of orange and brown in this picture…


The Pub, exactly what is says on the tin…


Remember what I said about signs above? This one is even falling down!


The streets in Valletta can be rather steep…


I have no idea what these gates are, but they do look rather cool.


I think this is some sort of jazz bar, one of my colleagues went there last year. I thought she said she went to a bridge bar, i.e. a bar where one play bridge. Yeah… No idea if that even exist…


Then we turned a corner and lo and behold we had found a posh street! With lovely views of the Grand Harbour too…


I still managed to find a somewhat battered shutter though…


The view of the Three Cities from the Lower Barrakka Gardens.


Another Valletta street, not flat of course…


This facade caught my eyes due to the regularity of the balconies broken up by the laundry drying… Yeah that is how my brain works, or not as it might be...


I try to keep cars out of my pictures… It is very very hard, this is a lot truer to the way it actually is…



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Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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6 Responses to Weekend Wanderings: Valletta again…

  1. Tracy Zhang says:

    Looks like such a cool place – love the photos!

    • Mari says:

      Thank you very much!

      Valletta really does have a special feel to it, it is also rather labyrinthine so there is always more to explore…

  2. Jules says:

    I adore the building with the blue-windowed balconies. Great pictures!

  3. Hi Mari. Is the P Taliana Watch Maker sign in Valletta? Do you happen to remember the street address please?

    • Mari says:

      Hmm that is a good question actually. It most certainly is (or were) in Valletta that sign, exactly the address is a little more complicated. If I remember correctly then this particular day we were walking down Triq-il-Merkanti, and then at some point turned right on a side street to take us towards the Lower Barrakka Gardens, I really can’t remember which one though. What I can do is have a look at the full set of photos to see the order, and then try to put the route together. These are just a fraction of the total :). Thanks for commenting!

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