One Hit Wonder Wednesday (technically at least…)

Or maybe I should call this post: why purely technical definitions are sometimes a little silly… Because this is indeed Mr Hendrix’s only “hit” in the US, it reached 20 on the Billboard 100 list.

However, I hardly think that anyone really would refer to Jimi Hendrix as a one hit wonder… It also depends on perspective, because the song below went to #1 in the UK, Purple Haze went to #3, All Along the Watchtower hit #5 and both Hey Joe and The Winds Cry Mary made it to #6. (He also charted with Hey Joe and Purple Haze in Norway, that is when you know you’ve made it for sure…)

Let me make one thing clear though… I do by no means consider Jimi Hendrix a one hit wonder, I might just have wanted an excuse to post  a couple of Hedrix videos…

On a totally different note: I GOT A PLACE IN THE NYC MARATHON IN NOVEMBER!!!!!

Uhm yes I am a little excited about this… 😀

I am also not going to have a social life this autumn, but that’s OK…


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