Weekend Wanderings: End of April…

End of another month… Funnily enough the weather on the last day of April and the first day of May could hardly be more different. On Saturday we had one of those storms that blow in from Sahara and leave a thin yellow cover over just about everything. Let’s just say that it takes the concept of dirty cars to a whole other level… The sky was left in a strange haze for the rest of the day.

Today on the other hand dawned bright and cloudless, which was good as I ran my first ever race today. Mellieha AC’s 10K, apparently it is the hardest one on the island. (Yeah I clearly know how to pick my races…) I did not finish last, and overall did not feel like I was going to die, so all in all pretty decent. Recap to come!

For now though, I will share some pictures from Saturday, the dull light seems to bring out details in a totally different way than sunshine.


Mosta Dome, from the front this time… You can almost see that it is a dome too!


I liked how the dome and the flats were juxtaposed here…


The walls around the entrance to the dome are lined with saints, I thought the simplicity of the columns with the ornate carvings behind made for an interesting composition. As I am sure countless others have thought before me, this might just be one of the most photographed things in Malta, it is at least in the top 5.


The statues on each side are of the saints Peter and Paul, I was drawn to the foot of the statues and the writing on them…


Uhm, I have a thing for branches, that’s all…


We went to Sliema and Tigné Point after Mosta, mainly because well the weather was only so so and the Point is inside so breathing was easier than outside in the sand filled air. I also go through here on the bus everyday on the bus, so I had some pictures I wanted to take. (Surprise, surprise…) Oh and the Mr was happy as there was a comic con on, I felt ever so slightly out of place. There was a kendo demonstration though, a little bit closer to kind of thing…


Tigné is being massively developed at the moment, so it is a rather wonderful mixture of old and new.


Open door, balcony and interesting patterns… Yeah definitely pictureworthy!


To round it off some signs… Cisk is the local beer…


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