Weekend Wanderings: Floriana

Now I do realise that I am fairly late with this post… But yesterday was one of those days, so I’ve basically written it off, so it didn’t happen which in turn means that today is the first day of a four day work week. Now we’re talking! Oh and that also makes this post, not so late after all…

We were in Floriana with the Mr’s uncle as a guide on Saturday, he (and the Mr’s mother) grew up there, and we got to see so many things that we never would have by ourselves. Or if we had seen it we would not know what it was… He was a total treasure trove of information and knew a lot of people and spoke to more, so it was a great day all in all.

I have lots and lots of pictures of course, I might add some extra ones to my flickr stream and, if the photo uploader co-operates, facebook. So if you want to see more pictures than I include in here you can have a look there.

One think I need to mention before I post the pictures, this weekend it was the Festa of St Publius in Floriana, that means that the place is decorated, a lot… You’ll see!


I just love the juxtaposition of the football decorations and the festa banners… Surely not hard to guess what is the two most important things here…


Two peas in a pod, surely… That old man was brilliant, he was so happy!



This is the right hand clock tower in St Publius in Floriana, I’ve included this picture not for it’s greateness, but because you can spot a rope on the clanger in the bell… That is really how they ring them, someone uses the rope to chime. Talking about a great workout!


These capes are only used during the Festa and they are all embroidered with gold, and really old. Yeah sorry I’ve forgotten how old… They were hanging out in the vestry when we visited, a rare treat!


The roof of the cupola in St Publius, all this was destroyed during the second world war, and had been painstakingly restored since with donations from the public.


This is the statue of St Publius that is carried through the city in the festa, the statue is 200 years this year, and was saved from the bombs during the war due to some thoughtful soul deciding to build a blast wall in front of and behind the niche were it was kept. Thus it is still there there today! It is made out of wood, but it is still rather heavy…


There was just something about the light here…


Now this rather works in a church, however you would need a really really really large room for it to be good move to have one of these at home…


Lots of red and green…


In the main streets it is impossible to get a picture without decorations, so I chose to embrace it…


I loved this store front, Floriana is one of those places I have a tendency to end up in after all stores have closed, so I have no idea whether this one is still trading or not…


No idea if this was accident or art… However now that I took a picture of it, it surely pass as art, right?


Festa banners!


Don’t park here… No seriously… Just don’t even think about it…


See that man sitting on the rope at the top of the tall ship? He’s surely got the greatest job ever… Changing the light bulbs on the ropes between the masts…


I liked this one, oh and if you were standing on that balcony you would have a lovely view of the Grand Harbour!


These flats looked really nice, and although large parts of Floriana are a little dilapidated (the population used to be 8000 when the Mr’s family lived there, now it is about 2000), these looked fresh and new and inhabited!


Note the forest of TV antennas…


First featured flower…


Orange and Green store front, that if you have a vivid imagination like me, have an almost (Charles Rennie) Macintoshian feel to it.


The flat where the Mr’s family used to live is in this block of flats. Not many of the apartments are actually inhabited at the moment.


This one is for sale…


Here’s the man himself, and the old front door!


See that thing covering the chimney? That is an old German helmet that has been there since the war…


Featured flower number two… This is actually in the botanical gardens, only this was wild not part of the exhibition.


The fountain is actually not in the botanical gardens but in another set of gardens below…


Orange and Green… Need I say more… 😉


This is what relaxed looks like…

In totally unrelated news… I went to yoga tonight, and my muscles got some much needed TLC, I also figured out that when you are trying to do a balancing pose in yoga the song below is what should be on your mind… (I have a feeling my yoga instructor might not agree, but that is another matter altogether…)


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