A strange turn of events…

Strange and monumental even… I realised today in my lunch break that I actually prefer espresso to a latte/cappuccino. Who’d ever have thought this might happen?

You see I am not a natural coffee drinker, if such a thing even exist. I remember the first coffee I bought at a café, I actually asked the barista which one she would recommend to someone who did not like coffee. Single shot mocha naturally… I will admit to having to lace even such a sweet drink as a mocha with sugar to begin with.

However my palate developed slowly and I moved on from the mocha to the slightly more grown up drink of latte. I was never really a cappuccino fan, there are very few places that make one with decent foam. When well done a cappuccino can be great, but I like smooth foam not that overly aerated looks-like-washing-up-liquid stuff most places serve. However I have an aversion to getting my coffee drink in a glass, sorry it has to be extremely great for it not to look like really dirty dishwater…

I think my coffee awakening was in South Africa, my friend worked as an intern for a coffee roaster/school/café there, and I must say the coffee there was really in another league to anything I had ever tasted before… I was also introduced to the concept of a flat white coffee, I later learned that this one is of antipodean origin, and we all know that those guys know their coffee. (I was blown away at how good the coffee was every place I tried when I was in Australia, also Starbucks have more or less failed there as in Italy, proves that they know the good stuff from the half decent) A flat white is basically a short latte, more coffee and less milk really, so it has more coffee and less milky flavour, very very good thing, and if you get the right barista they often look nothing short of beautiful…


However over lent when I did not drink milk (and believe me soy milk is generally not an option on Malta) I started drinking espresso. It took a little getting used to, cue a few scrunched up faces, however I have long ago stopped using sugar in coffee and part of what I enjoy about a good cup of coffee just the taste that leads to those faces. I am however not a fan of an espresso that has been cut too late, when it starts to get acidic it’s a no go for me. What I realised was that whilst a lot of places here have no idea where to cut an espresso for a cappuccino they do make a more than decent espresso. I guess it leaves out the need to multi task, however in my opinion it is as important to have a good espresso base in a coffee drink with milk as in a straight espresso.

I don’t know exactly when my allegiance switched, but I know that now espresso is where it’s at! (Well, until the flat white invades southern Europe that is. It is on its way to conquering the UK, but I can’t see it coming down here anytime soon. Sad face…) I’ve only got one gripe with espresso though, it is in its very nature a quick drink. Leave it too long and it is cold, not good, so you can’t savour it in the same way as a milkier drink. And no, an americano or a filter coffee is not an option, it’s all watered out man!



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Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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4 Responses to A strange turn of events…

  1. Spectra says:

    Beautiful post. Makes me consider my relationship with coffee more deeply. I avoid caffeine usually, but when I break, it better be good. Here in the states, sometimes the best we can get is Starbucks…but I long for those independent cafes that roast there own beans…

    • Mari says:

      My thoughts exactly, no point in drinking bad coffee then I’d rather drink water…

      Independent cafes are the best, far too rare even here. I’m in Italy for some brief moments in June, I am looking forward to grabbing some coffee… (and gelato… 😉 )

  2. imaginethespirit says:

    Hi, I have been become a regular reader of your blog. I have given you an award. The Versatile Blogger Award. Please collect your award http://imaginethespirit.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/i-am-an-versatile-blogger/

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