Weekend Wanderings: Gardens & Grooves

This is a very green post, provided you don’t print it out I guess… Last weekend we went to San Anton Gardens in Attard and this weekend we decided to explore Kennedy Groove a little closer to home. (Yes it really is named after President Kennedy, complete with a quote on a wall and all)

In San Anton Gardens we managed to walk into a “Fancy Poultry and Rabbits” show, I don’t actually have any pictures of poultry or rabbits as well for me the cages was not aesthetically nor morally pleasing. Though to be fair some of these looked really cool, and I am sure that since they are competition birds/rabbits they are treated really well. I can also easily imagine the devastation that would have been unleashed on the gardens if they were all let loose, lets just say that we used to have a flower bed when I grew up. Until our neighbours decided to get hens, before they had learned how to build a chicken coop… Although “fancy poultry” might sound just a little pretentious, there sure was some well crazy looking birds there! The din was also rather deafening, the rabbits were considerably more softly spoken.

Kennedy Groove is a whole different thing, it is basically a utilitarian garden. It is not meant to be ornamental, it is meant to be used. Cue lots of tables, less orderly flower beds and lots of families on weekend and evenings. There are also lots of olive trees that have been gifted from several firms all over the island, it has very good hide and seek potential and that (as we all know) is vital!


This is a place that we might not have found if it had not been for the Mr’s uncle, actually he asked if he could drop us off somewhere after he’s shown us Floriana, and when we mentioned that we never had been to Attard (where he was staying), he told us that we needed to go to San Anton Garden. So we did…


Now when I go and name my blog orange & green you know there will be shots like this… I might have taken this shot anyways, but now I have an (almost) legit excuse…


This is the most important place, anywhere really… I appreciate a clear sign to the toilets, spotted this one as soon as we got in. Good signage 😉


I loved how the sunshine made these leaves luminous in a transparent way, I didn’t quite manage to capture its brilliance, but but…


I accidentally managed to capture this cat as it walked past the greenhouse, what caught my eye was how the inside of the greenhouse was a lot duller than the outside. (Yeah I do know that this is not surprising…) I didn’t realise the cat was there until I looked through my pictures afterwards!


Gotta feature some flowers, after all this post is about gardens…


OK, it’s not my best picture, but these are so cute… That turtle or tortoise or whatever it is, is such a poser!


Because occasionally a little cliché is all you need…


This tree is so cool! I also get a feeling that if you extrapolated this picture you could get some very trendy wallpaper… That does not take away the fact that the tree is badass though!


Bokeh! This might also have wallpaper potential come to think of it…


This pagoda is a gift from the copper ware manufacturers in Takaoka in Japan, the workmanship is exquisite. 


I loved this detail on this door, actually I am rather enamoured of the whole door. However I didn’t manage to snap a good picture of the whole thing, means I have to return I guess. Which is not exactly a sacrifice as there is a pretty good café just up the street…


Gotta love how the plants are trying to escape… These are tough little critters though, the provide some much welcome colour in the summer, and we happen to have some in our front yard. Perfect fit as they need exactly 0 amount of care…


More flowers! This time from Kennedy Groove, I quite like how the slightly diagonal lines of the stem repeats in the picture…


These straws were such a beautiful colour, very softly purple with a greyish tinge, loving it!


Something about the relative starkness of this landscape appealed to me…


So to balance that out I included a pretty pink flower, because sometimes you gotta…


There are lots, as in at least 4, fountains in Kennedy Grove, it is fun to take pictures of water. However I think I need I tripod…


I like lamppost, and I do rather like clouds… These stripy ones, I believe that might be called striated, were really cool. They are cirrus clouds, and there were several of them, apparently this means that we will have a deterioration in the weather later this week.


This rusty door is just to the left when I am running up one of the steepest bit on my standard running route, thus I have looked at it many times, but not had a chance to photograph it. On Saturday I finally got a chance to do so! Gotta love how the random cloth in the gap on the other door and the rust adds an orange element to this photo, you know orange & green… (Why, yes! I do often repeat myself…)

There are a few more photos on my flickr stream from these two sets if anyone are interested.

Just as a last word I am so amazed and grateful to have been featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed, that is such an honour and so many people have dropped by to view my post and left such lovely comments. I am totally gobsmacked and extremely flattered!


About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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4 Responses to Weekend Wanderings: Gardens & Grooves

  1. thejaggedman says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I enjoy photo blogs and your is very nice. Enjoyed the pics but I especially liked the door picture.

  2. Sheetal says:

    Again Wonderfully captured….. Especially the balcony…. I also like the picture of the balcony in your freshly pressed entry too….
    but this balcony looks ornate in its simplicity!

    • Mari says:

      Thank you!

      There is such a great variety of balconies here, some granted are totally boring, but every once in a while you come across beauties like this one. I especially like the fact that it is not “flashy”.

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