One Hit Wonder Wednesday

Summer is definitely here, whether I like it or not…

So I realised that I just had to embrace it, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em and all that…

Few things speaks summer to me as much as this type of music, well maybe apart from Bob Marley.  However I am pretty sure he wasn’t a one hit wonder.

Actually I think I heard this song for the first time when MTV did a count down of One Hit Wonders, and I liked it immediately. I love me some soul with a brass line! Enjoy it!

Talking about soul with a brass line… That takes you so naturally to another artist that I love, Otis Redding! And this is, hands down, my absolute favourite version of Satisfaction!

I first discovered Otis Redding rifling though my parent’s collection of LPs, a treasure trove honestly! I found so many gems there, and among the CDs so that leads me naturally to the next song… I’ve loved this band for a long time, and I first discovered them through my dad. (This is true for a lot of the music I like really) They also have brass involved I realised, so I really am sticking to a theme here. 😉

Last but not least I have to include some of Mr Marley himself… This song always makes me happy!


About Mari

Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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