On Scotland: Edinburgh, in and around the Meadows

The Meadows in Edinburgh really are rather special, I guess that is the case with a lot of large green spaces, however I will write about this one as it is one I know and love.

I remember the Meadows from my very first visit to Edinburgh as we stayed in a youth hostel, that has since closed, next to Bruntsfield Links. So to get to town and back you had to walk through the Meadows, not that we knew at the time as we were all totally clueless as to where we were and the most effective way around the place.

When we returned the year after I had a morning to myself to explore it and enjoy the beautiful morning light across the green lawns. However it wasn’t until I moved to Edinburgh that I realised that the Meadows are so much more than a pretty green space. This place is loved and in constant use. It is where you go to walk your dog, go for a run, meet up with friends for a kick about or a round of golf, and during the summer and especially when the Fringe is on it is theming with life and all sorts of activities.

Due to its shape and size different parts of the Meadows have a totally different feel to them, one exit leads you towards the Museum of Scotland and the Royal Mile, one towards the University, one Nicholson Street and yet another towards my old stomping ground of Morningside and Merchiston. It is also worth mentioning that a new development called Quarter Mile have been developed at the exit that leads to the Museum of Scotland etc. I mention that because one of my all time favourite cafes in Edinburgh are situated here: Peter’s Yard. Maybe it is the Scandinavian in me that makes me love this place, it is Swedish themed and they do make some mean yeast bakes. (Their different twists on the traditional cinnamon buns are amazing) I will add this though, their coffee is one of the best in town! I got a particularly beautiful one there when the barista realised I was a fellow Norwegian…

I have taken lots and lots and lots of photos of the Meadows, all with my old point and shoot, a Nikon Coolpix 5200. An antique now of course, and also held together with sportstape, but the thing is it does not matter so much about the camera when the subject is so photogenic. Here’s a few of my best shots:


Pictures at low lights are not something that my point and shoot is very good at, however this one almost manage to capture some of the mood.


A very Scottish sky…


Autumn is definitely my favourite season, most of my pictures from the Meadows were indeed captured during this season.


Both in this picture and the one before I like how the wet asphalt offsets the colour of the leaves, and makes them appear even more vibrant.


Here follows my trio of morning sun shining between trees photos


All of these pictures are taken on the walk from the flat where the Mr lived at the time to our workplace.


I think this particular one is called Townswomen’s Guild Walk…


This door is not completely adjacent to the Meadows, but up one of the streets in Merchiston, I love the contrast between the blue and the red.


It is something very Edinburgh about this picture…


Have I ever mentioned that I like clouds? Wonderful cirrus clouds happening here…


This is not far from Bruntsfield Links, which is the upper part of the Meadows, and on the way there from my old flat. Doubt that any of my old flatmates read this blog, but if they do: Hello Stephen & David! How are the horses?


One day when I was between jobs (luckily this did not last too long) I lucked out as I was up early enough to catch the first frost on the Meadows, absolutely stunning! My photos doesn’t really do it justice.


Just starting to melt at the tips of some of the grass, but the leaf is still covered in ice crystals…


The footsteps of someone who walked across the grass is still visible…(It wasn’t me… No really, my feet are not that big!)


Just a little bit further up there was one really red tree in front of all the yellow and green…


The leaves situated where the sun hit had started to melt, whereas the other ones were still covered in frost. This created a lovely contrast.


The frost had completely disappeared from these, leaving behind lovely water droplets.


For some reason this picture always reminded me of Japan, it might be because it think it looks like the depiction of cherry blossoms in Sumi-e.


I really liked the freshness of this bud with the new leaf and the background that is familiar enough to make out, but yet not…


This picture shows a totally different side to the Meadows, the harpist was playing in one of the busiest crossings during the Fringe. She was a wonderful player, and the picture was too good to miss. In short, the Meadows is a wonderful place, go there if you can…


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Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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9 Responses to On Scotland: Edinburgh, in and around the Meadows

  1. Stunning, beautiful photos! Love the harpist especially. I want to go there!!

  2. Kristin Brænne says:

    Be a ★

  3. chems says:

    Very nice and beautiful photos, and i like especially your idea in the phrase- This place is loved and in constant use…- because i write about polyvalence,

  4. thejaggedman says:

    Great post and I really love the pictures of the sun through the trees. Enjoyed them all

    • Mari says:

      Thank you!

      That picture is from a day when the light in the Meadows was so beautiful that it made the walk to work all the more magical, sometimes that little bit of beauty in the morning could be the saving greace for an otherwise bad day at work.

  5. Eloise says:

    Ahhh, Edinburgh. Such a stunning city. Thank you so much for your award! I’ve given it a wee mention in my blog. 🙂

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