Weekend Wanderings: Procrastination Edition

I had one of those weekends where starting just about anything seemed like an insurmountable chore… Not that I even had that much I needed to do, track training with Mellieha AC on Saturday morning and long run on Sunday morning. (Well morning was the idea at least)

On Saturday I got up and out early, as after all these practices start at a set time and I have to be there, I can normally manage that. I was supposed to meet a team mate in Mosta and get a ride there, unfortunately she couldn’t make it, and due to me sending her my phone number somewhat too late we didn’t manage to communicate. So I did the only logical thing… I started to run there, it is not that far… I was already late when I started running, but luckily about half way there I got picked up by another runner on the team and got there just after the warm up, which I had covered anyway! We were doing five 800m repeats, I really enjoy these tempo trainings on the track, it is not something I have ever done before.

Then I needed to pick up a book, yes this is really important, it was book 3 in a series of 4… I had managed to get hold of 1,2 and 4, so getting my grubby hands on the last one was amazing! I managed to snap a few pictures as we were heading home from the book excursion, however no pictures at all were taken on Sunday…

You see the weather was less than stellar, well Malta standard that is, if I had been in Scotland it would have been classed as a gorgeous day. That combined with the fact that I just really could not be arsed to get out there, lead to my morning run being much more of an afternoon run. On the plus side the cooker is spotless and my magazines are sorted in size order, still need them chronological, but I though that was taking the  procrastination just a wee bit too far… I did manage to get out there and covered just under 10 miles in a few minutes less than two hours, it was not easy, but I am very proud that I did it!

The photos that follow are the best ones that I captured on Saturday, I think the theme might be straw or potentially drying out or no theme at all…


Oh yes I found a lock… The gate does not seem to have much purpose as the wall is easy enough to climb, I guess it stops cars now that I think about it…


I think this might be another gate, I just liked the straw growing against the metal pole.


There had to be a flower in there somewhere didn’t it? I am going to enjoy them whilst we still have them, it will be too dry for them soon enough.


I think this all goes back to my foundation year in art and design, but I do rather enjoy a motif where several different textures are present.


Tall grass… At least when I crouch down… That also makes the houses look small, which pleases me…


I like the combination of shapes here and I always had a weakness for just that particular kind of grass, it’s just something about the shape that is sort of archetypal, well in my mind at least.


As I mentioned earlier, it is drying up here… Apparently we have a storm coming in, but that is likely to be one of the last rain falls for quite some time, and the colours are fading as a result. Prepare to see a lot of yellow…


Remember that I mentioned texture above? This is another case in point…


This is the same piece of wall but in situ this time.


I liked the movement in this picture, although I need to work on the focus when I take pictures of such dense vegetation.


We actually have stuff growing in our front yard!


I’ll leave you with a close up of the bumblebee, I am really impressed with the resolution on my camera… I know I shouldn’t really be surprised, but I had about 5 seconds to snap this picture. This bumblebee was not a poser…

Just because I called one of my pictures “Big Sky” on flickr and I wrote a post about Scotland yesterday and I miss it, I’ll leave you with this…


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Norwegian living in Malta, loves colours and cooking, running and taking pictures and generally rambling, both the in the wordy sense and the walking about kind...
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2 Responses to Weekend Wanderings: Procrastination Edition

  1. Sheetal says:

    The second snap is a masterpiece!!!

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