Light at the end of the tunnel

As I start writing this I am sitting in a coffee shop in Oxford (when I’ll end up posting it is another matter entirely) waiting for the Ashmolean Museum to open. This trip is partly inspired by a lovely new blogger I just discovered Museumdiaries, the Ashmolean was on her list of museums she really wants to visit. The other reason is that I have been to Oxford before and really loved it, so really any excuse to go back is a good one as far as I am concerned…

I have been very quiet on here lately and to be honest that is because this summer has not been the greatest. As might be rather obvious I have left Malta and now live in London, which isn’t really a place I ever wanted to live, but I am going to embrace the opportunities that are available there for as long as I stay, as I do not envisage that to be permanent. To be honest I have lived there a month and it still don’t feel quite real. I’m sure it will sink in in the end.

As I alluded to above the summer wasn’t great, I realised that I could not go on living in Malta, whilst the place is lovely and suit some people it is just not for me. I don’t think I realised before I moved away from it how much I love the changing seasons and the colour palette of northern Europe. From afar endless sunshine and beaches and sea can seem tempting, but in the end it made me feel depressed. I still love the sea, but my love is given to the stormy dark waters of the North Sea rather than the lush azure of the Mediterranean. I also felt that I was stuck in a backwater in Malta, and for me that was true, there certainly are great opportunities there in some areas but not in mine.

I had some tough decisions to make, and to be honest none of the answers were good ones, so it was a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. In the middle of it all I lost a person very dear to me, I will probably write about that later, but for now I am not quite ready. In the end moving to London was the right choice for me, that means a long distance relationship and another uprooting, but it was necessary to regain my sense of purpose and get go. The very fact that I am writing here again shows that it is starting to get better.

Furthermore I have now found a path, I have been rather stuck lately on a professional level. However I have finally figured out where I want to go next! Hence why I am sat in Oxford waiting for a museum to open, next autumn I will be going back to university to study for a masters in curation/museum & gallery studies, and I can’t wait! Museums have been a passion of mine for a long time, and what I refer to as a “happy place”. I tend to try to fit in at least one museum whenever I go somewhere, and well now at last I have the chance to explore London’s famous museums, and all of them not having to chose one just because I am short of time. So this is the light I was referring to at the start of the post, I have found my direction and after being on a bit of a loose limb lately this feels oh so good!

So I warn you now there might be more museum related posts on here from now on, I have a feeling they might be more visual than wordy, but who knows? I seem to find a lot to say about pictures even when I thought I didn’t.

I am also off to the United States in less than a month (on edit make that 4 days!)! The only thing that went well and at many times kept me sane the last few months was running. Of course it has not been without hitches, but I have more or less managed to follow my training plan for the New York marathon and on the 6th of November I will be on Staten Island waiting to cross the Verrazano Bridge and run 26.2 miles through Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and finally Manhattan and crossing the finish line in Central Park. Almost unbelievable and I feel so lucky to be able to do this, and to discover running at a time when I really needed it!

To finish off a post that rarely for me includes not a single photo I would like to give a shout out to the blogs that have helped me keep the fire burning throughout my marathon training:

Health on the Run Hilarious, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and superfast and colourful runner. She is the reason I entered the lottery in the first place and started to run properly, I am forever grateful. Oh and she taught me how to tie my shoes… Yes you are probably doing it wrong…

Fit Chick in the City although she can’t run herself this year, her spirit in the face of injury and infectious love for the New York City marathon has helped me a lot when the training did not go as planned, and the task seemed insurmountable.

Losing weight in the City another blogger training for the NYC marathon, but actually living there. Thus she had the chance to run part of the course, I can live vicariously through her experience. Add to that a seriously funny and interesting blog generally, true winner here. Oh and she started a facebook group for marathon runners, that has also been a huge inspiration!

Food to Run For brilliant recap of her own experience of running the NYC marathon, and just as I needed it this morning a post on how the NYC marathon is the best marathon in the world. Exactly what I needed to hear when nerves started to kick in!

Carrots’n’cake great blog, jam packed with information about food, fitness and fun! Another NYC marathoner in training that I have been following and using as inspiration when the sofa seemed more tempting than a long run…

Mile Posts probably one of the most enthusiastic runners on there, and so fast. However she has worked hard for that and is very frank about that, such an inspiration! Also helps me appreciate what a gift being able to run actually is, this is not something I take for granted, but if I start to become complacent she has a way of reminding me.

I could go on but this will do for now! I promise to come back with a more picture heavy post soon… Got some crackers from the Ashmolean!

To round off…


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