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Ginger & Lemon Cookies (vegan & gluten free)

Some of you might have noticed that I have a slight addiction to ginger… I guess that the triple ginger muffins were a bit of a giveaway. Or the fact that at least half of my recipes contain ginger… However … Continue reading

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Chocolate covered acai berry cookies… (vegan & gluten free)

This all started when I bought some dark chocolate covered acai berries this morning, as you do… For some reason instead of thinking about eating them as they were I thought: “Hey! I bet these babies make great cookies…” Well … Continue reading

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Busta Rhymes and Broccoli!

This particular creation or creations started up as a compromise. I am rather fond of broccoli, so is my boyfriend, only I like it cooked he likes it raw… I basically had to find a way that we both could … Continue reading

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