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Weekend Wanderings: Procrastination Edition

I had one of those weekends where starting just about anything seemed like an insurmountable chore… Not that I even had that much I needed to do, track training with Mellieha AC on Saturday morning and long run on Sunday … Continue reading

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Race Recap: Mellieha Road Races 10K

As this was my first ever race I must admit I did not have very much of an idea what to expect. The alarm went off bright and early and I got out of bed at about 5.50, I must … Continue reading

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One Hit Wonder Wednesday (technically at least…)

Or maybe I should call this post: why purely technical definitions are sometimes a little silly… Because this is indeed Mr Hendrix’s only “hit” in the US, it reached 20 on the Billboard 100 list. However, I hardly think that … Continue reading

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Weekend Wanderings: Valletta again…

Due to this being a three day weekend I’ve got somewhat more pictures than normal… I might do some flashbacks during the week or something. The pictures going up today are solely from Friday, we managed to miss out on … Continue reading

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Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…

Today I found out, a little late as it were, that one of my main running inspirations Grete Waitz lost her battle with cancer at age 57. The day after Boston marathon nonetheless, I can’t quite decide if this is … Continue reading

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Book review: What I talk about when I talk about running, Haruki Murakami

source I guess the fact that I love this book is testament to the old adage that daddy knows best… When I started running he recommended that I read this book, actually I think he even did so in a … Continue reading

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Today I ran…

The fastest mile splits I’ve ever done, well ever done and known about it that is. So I may have, probably have actually, run faster at some point however that is a long long time ago… Not that I am … Continue reading

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